October 21, 2021
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Benefits of a secure messaging app for military


It is evident to all the civilians of the world that the Military exchanges critical information to protect their nationals. They face unique challenges and look for advanced security tools to secure their critical data. Here we come up with a high trust military messaging system, Troop Messenger, letting the defense troops focus on their critical missions without worrying about the data breach.

The military-grade communication and collaboration tools allow the troops to communicate via encrypted 1:1 and Group chats, Audio-video conferences, file sharing, and screen sharing facilities of the tool. 

The jointness of the armed forces can be further enhanced with the communication across a single interface wherein they all can collaborate using this unified workspace. 

As it is understood, they operate their mission-critical commands on their isolated networks like the Air-Gapped, the ones which are not connected to the public networks. Troop Messenger has been built to work on such kinds of networks too!

The other advantage of this military messaging system is that it lets the armed forces host it on their on-premise services with its deployment model of self-hosting. The tool works with low-bandwidth networks, allowing the troops to use on mountain terrains, submarines, etc., It uses the world’s best protocols to encrypt all the communication channels such as:

    • Double Ratchet algorithm,
    • Pre-keys, and a triple Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (3-DH) handshake
    • Curve25519
    • AES-256
    • HMAC-SHA256 as primitives.

Here are the benefits that you get from using the above practices and standards:

    • Multi-layered security for all data
    • Data encryption while at transit and rest
    • Multi-layered admin privileges
    • Mitigates the risk of data theft
    • High-quality audio/video calling/conferencing
    • Private Chat Burnout Window for confidential conversations
    • Use proven security protocols and practices
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