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October 15, 2021
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Ambulance Services in Chennai | Limra Ambulance

Product name: Limra Ambulance Services


Limra Ambulance Services has provided rapid train, air, and road ambulance services. which have assisted in the saving of many lives. and the removal of patients from critical situations. We work both within and outside of India. Ambulance Services in Chennaiand we have provided you with easy access to your requirements. This saying represents the truth of our civilized world: health is riches. This world of stress and anarchy causes a variety of medical disorders. no matter how fit you attempt to keep. Medical help is essential, even if it may avoid.
As a result, ambulance services are in high demand. And we provide emergency ambulance services.


The types of ambulance service we provide include:
Basic Life Support Ambulance
The best use for these road ambulances is :
  1. Transport of non-emergency patients.
  1. Transport to a local hospital for an appointment with Radiology and Radiation.
  1. Discharges from the hospital.
Advanced Life Support Ambulance
These ambulances are using to attending. to life-threatening crises including fatal heart arrests. and circumstances, when ill patients need oxygen and breathing, helped. Ambulance Services in Chennai Because of these improvements. ALS ambulance services can better manage life-threatening situations. Including cardiac arrests, lung difficulties, and rescue operations, to name a few.
Mortuary Ambulance Service
People can use our dead body transportation service to transport their loved ones. A morgue ambulance or hearse van will dispatch in the vast majority of situations.
A deceased person’s body is transporting from their home to a cremation.
Air Ambulance Service
We can help clients move a patient by air ambulance. From one city to another, either utilizing a private charter. or a regular commercial plane. with specific accommodations, as well as a doctor and paramedic air ambulance services.


We provide a high-quality, fully-equipped ambulance. To carry a patient from one location inside the city to another, as well on another city. Ambulance Services in Chennai.  All life-saving drugs for the patient. as well as a ventilator, heart check, oxygen, air conditioner syringe pump. and other medical equipment, are including in the patient. Transport ambulance service in Chennai.
Limra Ambulance Service is eager to follow patients in need of medical help. Our ambulances are equipping with all the medical equipment. Necessary for the safe transport of patients to hospitals. In ambulances, our medical personnel takes excellent care. Of the patient and ensures his or her survival. If you need an ambulance, please contact us or call us and we would be happy to assist you.
Contact Information
Phone: 09709001001
Address: Prop. of AHC Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Sewa Sadan A-3, Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110, , Gurgaon, Haryana, India,
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