October 5, 2021
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Ambulance Services in Bangalore | Limra Ambulance



In the event of an emergency, it is critical that a patient arrives at a hospital. within the Golden Hour to maximize the chances of survival. and Limra Ambulance service delivers the best services to you. It may not be a medical issue, but rather a planned meet at the hospital for dialysis. delivery, or transfer to another city hospital for decent medical attention. Ambulance Services in Bangalore or an Ambulance booked for events. that guarantee any medical emergency will be attending. and the person affected will receive. not only adequate pre-hospital treatment in the Ambulance. but will also be relocating. to another city hospital for good hospital attention. or an Ambulance booked for events. that make sure any medical emergency will be prompt. to attended the person.
Limra Ambulance Services believes in making a personal relationship with the customers. and ensures smooth functioning.


Bangalore’s major provider of basic life support, non-emergency. and special event medical stands are Limra Ambulance Service. Limra Ambulance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet the needs of our patients and clients.

Basic Ambulance Service

These are the typical ambulances that we see in our daily lives. Ambulance Services in Bangalore. Basic ambulances are operating by an emergency medical technician (EMT). and carry patients in minor or non-critical conditions. such as slight fractures, to sub-acute care centers (nursing homes).

Advanced Ambulance Service

To handle ill patients, sophisticated ambulances are equipping with modern equipment and gear. They also have an ECG watch. a defibrillator, intravenous and blood drawing equipment, and so forth. Advanced life support ambulances deliver patients. suffering from major life-threatening injuries and cardiac crises.

Air Ambulance Services
Patients are transporting and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes by air ambulances. which use aero-plane or helicopter conveyance. Air ambulances not only transfer patients to specialized care. but they can also offer specialist care to the scene of an accident. particularly in high trauma situations air ambulance service.
 Mortuary Ambulance Services
A mortuary ambulance is using to carry a deceased person from one location to another. It’s also known as the Hearse Van. The body of the deceased is transporting in a freezer box by the mortuary. qualified personnel ensures that all required. precautions are taking when moving a person’s physical remains.
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Phone: 09709001001
Address: Prop. of AHC Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Sewa Sadan A-3, Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Opp. Apollo Hospital, , Gurgaon, Haryana, India,
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